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Our First Post!

This is our very first blog post (The OG!) and we want to share all the exciting things we’ve been up to and are hoping to achieve with Kitty’s Kits.

Current Update:

For the past three weeks I’ve been in Portland, Oregon, working for a not for profit organisation trying to tackle food poverty in the city. Alongside teaching bread classes (using Kitty’s Kits) I have also been shadowing the CEO – who is basically real life Batman, learning the ropes to running a purpose driven organisation.

In the meantime Dad has been very busy, not just holding down the Bakery fort but also teaching our first Breaducator classes, these are for individuals (so far teachers and homeschoolers but open to everyone ) who want to go on and Breaducate others using a Free supply of Kitty’s Kits.

Bringing me on to the Kit’s! We now have a brilliant manufacturer, Wrights Flour mill, who are going to produce the kits for us, their flour is awesome just like the Father and son owners, David and James Wright. We have done an initial run of 1,000 which I hand labelled and almost already ran out of! Our next order is for 50,000 which Wrights have generously offered to help pay for - these guys really are awesome.

Future Plans:

Training up Breaducators

Dad, as chief Breaducator and me as assistant, plan to host Free Breaducator classes every other week, to qualify you need no skills but just want to bring Breaducation to your community, we offer 3hr classes and a follow up zoom. If your interested get in touch!


In order to help pay for the first run of the Kits we will set up a crowdfunding link on kickstarter, any donation will be so appreciated, every Penny will help us give Free kits and bread classes to communities. Plus the rewards will be really fun! Like “Breaducate” aprons, Tees and bags- cause you can never have enough Totes.


One of the things we’re most passionate and excited about is all the endless baked possibilities you can make from the kits, we want to send them to different creative teams and individuals to see what they make and share their recipe.

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2 comentarios

08 feb 2023

Having read about you and your venture in the Times this last weekend I was inspired to make your Miracle look and it is proving in the tin as I write. Definitely no mess/hassle so far! I have just purchased the kits for my 10 year old great neice whom I think will enjoy producing some bread too. I wish you all the best !

Happy baking!



West Sussex

Me gusta

eddie jenner
eddie jenner
24 ene 2023

I am now 84 years youmg and I have been trying to produce a simple loaf of bread for my consumption in the last 40 of those years. I have had at least 5 breadmakers during those years and have never been satisfied with their output. I watched today's 23.01.23, southtoday program on your product, and decided to have a last try. I look forward to trying your product. Eddie Jenner 35PO7 7LA

Me gusta
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