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Our story... so far

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Hi, my names Kitty, I am the founder and currently the only employee of Kitty's Kits (sorry if my email replies are slow!)

I Left school at 14, after really struggling with my mental health, then I started baking bread. It brought me so much joy that I decided to share it.

Although Kitty's Kits officially started in 2023, it really started a long time ago...

I  just didn't know it.


After always being an awful, like AWFUL baker I discovered the 'no knead no mess' bread method created by a genius baker called Jim Lahey. I made one loaf then another and another. The loaves were not only easy to make but delicious! I can get a bit obsessive and in an attempt to relieve our growing bread bin I started giving the loaves away.....



Opened a bakery, the Orange Bakery.


This wasn't planned at all! I was just 15 but I knew that all I wanted to do was to get good bread out to people. My Dad quit his job as a teacher to become my co-baker, we crowdfunded and opened our own bakery.

April 2022

Published a book with Bloomsbury called Breadsong. From the moment the book was published I got an influx of messages from people who had tried and loved the first recipe in the book, Miracle Loaf (aka the no knead no mess bread method). The messages said things like "I'm 95 and had never baked a loaf in my life, now I'm never going to stop" or "my 5yr can't tie his shoe laces but this morning he baked this focaccia!"

BREADSONG copy.jpg

May 2022

This got me excited so I made 200 'just add water' bread mixes, put them on instagram and gave them out for free in exchange for worked and people loved them!

July 2022

After months of trying to find someone to help me produce these kits I eventually found Wrights, an 8th generation Father and Son run Mill.... these guys are amazing! They agreed to make 1,000 kits for me which I then labelled and started to use to teach Breaducation.

kitty and batman.png

Oct 2022

I went to work for a food hub and community kitchen in Portland. There I taught Breaducation and was also lucky enough to shadow Jacobsen (batman) who taught me a lot about running a purpose driven organisation.

Jan 2023

Crowdfund to Pay for the first official run of 10,000 printed kits!


Feb 2023

Kitty's Kits hit the market!


World bread domination!

© Kitty's Kits 2022
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