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How we set up a micro bakery in our local primary school.

Focaccia Friday,

Every Friday kids from Watlington primary school make and bake focaccia for their whole school to eat with their lunch.


1)First, we taught Breaducation to a class of year 5, they learnt how to make overnight magic dough and each took home a Kitty’s Kit.

2) Then we invested in a couple pieces of equipment, roughly costing £50 in total, we got.

.2 x 25kg bag of bread flour

.500g pack of dried yeast

.3 x 5Litre buckets

.2 Litre olive oil

.1 set scales

.3 large baking trays

3) Next we selected 3 kids, on Thursday they each mixed 2.5kg bread flour, 15g dried yeast, 50g salt, 1700g water in a bucket.

4) Friday at 9:30, they scooped the dough out of the buckets into baking trays (took 5mins) then at 11:00 they topped the focaccia with rosemary and sea salt, dimpled it and baked it for 25mins at 220c.

5) They cut each focaccia into chunks and served them at lunch.

This now happens every Friday with a rotation of kids and a parent or teacher supervising.

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1 Kommentar

Raye Grace
Raye Grace
16. Jan.

That's amazing! How do the kids like the bread?

Gefällt mir
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