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1 Kitty's Kit

330ml water

40ml oil (olive or rapeseed)

To top:

Flaky sea salt

A bunch of rosemary needles and whatever else you want!



1) Pour all your ingredients into a large bowl and either with a spoon, your hands or a dough hook, mix into a shaggy dough. Pop a cloth over the top and leave for 10+hrs in a cosy corner.

(So if you want focaccia for breakfast, mix the night before and if you want it for Dinner mix in the morning)

2) Lightly oil a rimmed baking tray, scoop in your dough, rub a little more oil over the top (over its belly) then Pop a cloth back over the top and leave to prove for another hour.

Preheat your oven to 200c.

3) Give the focaccia a little shizzle drizzle of oil then top with the rosemary and sea salt (plus whatever else you might want). Slide your tray into the oven and bake for 30mins until golden.

Once out, brush with a little more oil and leave to cool for 30 mins before slicing

© Kitty's Kits 2022
© Kitty's Kits 2022
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