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Flat Bread Recipe


1 Kitty's Kit

330ml water



1) Mix all your ingredients together either with a spoon or by hand, once there is no dry

flour left, this’ll take no longer than 5mins, pop a cloth over the top and leave in a cosy

area for 10+ hrs (basically if you want flatbreads in the evening mix in the morning and if

you want flatbreads for breakfast/lunch mix in the evening)


2) Once you’re ready to make your flat breads, scoop the dough out, cut it into 4 pieces,

shape them into little rounds and let rest for 20mins. Then heat up a dry frying pan over

a medium heat, flatten the dough out with your hands and slide into the pan, cook for 5

mins on each side, flipping when golden. 

These are awesome and so versatile, they can be filled like wraps, topped like pizza or used to mop curry’s and dips. Because of they’re long fermentation they are also Great for your gut!

Cliff notes:

*5mins mix - leave for 10+hrs-divide into rounds - flip in frying pan - EAT!

© Kitty's Kits 2022
© Kitty's Kits 2022
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